XXI Century Business Cards That Work For You

Nowadays, 80% of classic business cards end up in the bin, which is why we have created Hola-Card to make sure that every contact is saved on your customers' devices.

The HOLA-CARD is integrated with our platform and affiliate program where you can check how many people have saved your contact details and control the amount of money earned by recommending the card to your friends.


Products available in our offer.

20.00€ /mo.

1 action - contatct

Basic statistics

Affiliate program

In the Standard subscription you get one smart business card and access to the management system. Perfect for entrepreneurs, managers, freelancers, doctors and celebrities. For anyone who wants to share their contact with themselves in a safe, easy, effective and hygienic way.

30.00€ /mo.

Unlimited actions

Full statistics

Affiliate program


With the Premium subscription you get one smart business card and access to the management system with full options. Perfect for entrepreneurs and managers looking for advanced options and flexible operation. For anyone who wants to share a contact or other resources in a safe, easy, effective and hygienic way.

99.00€ /mo.

Unlimited actions

Extended statistics + employees

Affiliate program

Card Packs 5, 10, 25 additional cards in best price

Employees groups

In the Boss subscription you get one smart business card and access to the management system with full options and management of employee groups. Perfect for managers of larger enterprises looking for advanced group options, detailed statistics and flexible operation. Possibility to purchase business card packages for employees at attractive prices.

300€ /once

Unlimited Actions

One time payment

Lifetime use of the system

Full Statistics

Partner Program

With LifeTime option, you only pay once. You get one smart business card and access to the management system. Forever. However, in this option you cannot earn in the affiliate program. Perfect for entrepreneurs, managers, freelancers, doctors and celebrities.

HOLA-CARD - How It Works

It's VERY SIMPLE - with just one touch, provide your contact details or important information that you want to share with the people you meet.

Gain new customers who will save your data on their own smartphone forever.

Show it to everyone, Recommend and Earn

Order a HOLA-CARD business card and we will send it to the address provided.
In the envelope you will find your HOLA-CARD business card with an engraved logo, QR code and a tag that allows you to transfer files between devices.

For the business card to start working, activate it and set the desired action. You can find the instructions here.

That's all! From now on you can use your personalized HOLA-CARD.

Easy Connection

Direct connection with a smartphone - using NFC or QR code

Every Type of Smartphone

It supports all modern operating systems

No Special App Needed

No additional application is required to install

Direct Data Store

The data is saved directly in the client's phone contacts

HOLA-CARD is intended for all those who follow technology and choose ecological solutions. We compared the annual number of traditionally produced paper business cards for 100 companies. The business card production was 247,000.

Meanwhile, HOLA-CARD business cards were only produced by only 143 out of 100 companies! It is worth mentioning, however, that the printing of traditional paper business cards never ends, while the HOLA-CARD is produced only once and shares data millions of times.

HOLA-CARD can be used in any industry. We guarantee that when you show your business card, you will surely be remembered forever! Remember that you can only make a first impression once. Use it as soon as possible so that you are not the latter.

HOLA-CARD - Lot's of Advantages, New Possibilities


Easy to Use
+ Personal Profile and Statistics

On your HOLA-CARD smart business card, you can change actions within 10 seconds.

Imagine that at a conference you want to present another company or convey information to the people you meet every day. Presentation of the original Hola-Card will allow you to quickly convey these valuable messages.

What Our Customers say about HOLA-CARD

HOLA-CARD is easy to use, thanks to it I know that no customer will lose contact with me.

HOLA-CARD is elegant and very handy. I feel like a modern woman with it.

I have contacts with 20 new customers a week. Now I don't have to worry about running out of business cards anymore.

Karol Wielicki

Legal Counsel

Agnieszka Sobótka

Personal Trainer

Wojciech Nowacki

Real Estate Agent



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